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Writing Politics

Professor Tesla, B Faculty 2020

This is a writing-intensive course.


Alexander Trelawney
Hospitality Management|Spring 2021


IPP 121020 Clone1

Professor Tesla
Philosophy|Politics|POL 102|Spring 2021

An introduction to political philosophy.

Intro to Political Philosophy

Professor Tesla
Philosophy|Politics|POL 102|Fall 2020

An introduction to political philosophy.

WP Clone 12102020

Professor Tesla
English|Politics|POL345W|Spring 2021

This is a writing-intensive course about political writing.

APT Clone1

Professor Tesla
Politics|POL 201|Spring 2021

This course is a survey of Ancient Greek and Roman political theory, including texts from Thucydides, Plato, Aristotle, and Cicero.

Cat Curling 1101

Cat Curling 1101


Introduction to theory and practice of cat curling.

Introduction to Science Fiction


Introduction to Science Fiction combines analysis of science fiction as literature with consideration of the questions science and technology raise about past, present, and future societies. In class discussions […]

Ways of Seeing – First Year Learning Community

Professor Tesla
Communication Design|English|ENG 1101 & COMD 1100

Ways of Seeing: Adventures with Image & Text This Learning Community for COMD students taking COMD1100 & ENG1101 will include field trips, hands-on projects, and cross-sensory experiences to help you discover […]

Thracian History

Professor Tesla
Sociology|HIS 301|Fall 2020

We will study ancient Thrace and the Thracians.

Writing about Winter

Professor Tesla


Basketball Appreciation 1100

Professor Tesla

In this first of many courses, we learn to appreciate the aesthetic beauty of basketball.